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Kyosho DRX 2010 Ford Fiesta S2000

Kyosho DRX 2010 Ford Fiesta S2000

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In addition to dedicated R/C off-road courses, this machine attacks gravel, tarmac and even parking lot surfaces with extreme confidence. The sweet resonating sound of the exhaust note signals the power of a GP engine that delivers the relentless drive of a rally machine. Precision dimensions of the long wheelbase chassis and the 3-differential full-time 4WD combine with a realistic 1/9 scale body to produce the stable straight line performance and drift control together with the chassis roll and tire squeal to transform any open space into the final stage of a WRC showdown. This fully assembled Readyset is packaged with the advanced 2.4GHz SYNCRO KT-200 R/C system that provides not only a wide range of setting options but also a failsafe function (optional setting) that automatically applies full brakes in the event of radio signal disruption. This concentration of advanced technology in the DRX delivers the high performance to bring the action of the world rally championship closer than ever before.

Ford has been a force in the FIA World Rally Championship since the very beginning and has established a formidable record of success including many World Rally Championship crowns. Among the R/C Ford FIESTA models, the S2000 incorporates Ford’s rally DNA and was launched in November 2009. It competed in its first event in the IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge) in Monte Carlo 2010 where FIESTA S2000 achieved a memorable victory on its road to success.
  • Fully assembled Readyset. Just add fuel and batteries to run.
  • Requires no frequency band control! Pre-installed Syncro KT-200 2.4GHz R/C system functions automatically when switched on!
  • Use optional clear parts to create even greater scale realism with headlights and tail lights.
  • Pre-cut and pre-painted body is complete with decals applied.
  • Equipped with powerful GXR-18 engine fitted with recoil starter.
  • Uses the same separate clutch structure as racing buggies to deliver superior throttle response.
  • Large air cleaner works effectively to extend the maintenance cycle of the engine.
  • Downward facing offset of the muffler exit eliminates the need for exhaust holes in the body.
  • Large capacity oil shocks with chassis height adjustment function are included as standard.
  • Dirt resistant radio box can be completely removed with just four screws for easy maintenance.
  • Dual disk brakes allow individual brake settings on the front and rear.
  • 103cc fuel tank delivers run times of more than 10 minutes.
  • Racing design features include a transponder stay and a quick opening fuel tank cap.
  • Setting options are available for chassis height, camber and tread, as well as front and rear toe angle.
  • Optional clutch springs and clutch shoes provide a variety of power feel settings.
  • Install an optional stabilizer to take performance to an even higher level.
  • Factory assembled chassis with R/C linkage setup complete
  • Pre-installed with GXR-18 engine
  • Equipped with special manifold and muffler
  • Pre-painted assembled body
  • SYNCRO KT-200 / 2-channel, 2-servo R/C unit pre-installed
  • Hex Wrench 4-types, Cross Wrench
  • NOTE) Fuel, AA-size alkaline batteries x 8 for R/C system and engine starting tools are all sold separately.
Length 563mm
Width 260mm
Height 187mm
Wheelbase 316mm
Tread (F/R) 215mm / 215mm
Tire(F/R) Φ93×38mm / Φ93×38mm
Gear Ratio 8.86:1
Weight 2,600g (approx.)
Engine GXR-18 engine fitted with recoil starter

Pre-mounted GXR-18 engine fitted with recoil starter provides even more drive power. Separate-type clutch realizes sharp accelerator response.

Long wheel base chassis with 3-differential full-time 4WD produces a low center of gravity and excellent suspension for great running performance on any type of surface.

Fully interchangeable suspension arms and front and rear interchangeable knuckles realize economical and efficient parts maintenance.

Knuckle design features rock guards that prevent dirt and stones getting inside and locking the wheels up unexpectedly. This feature will prove its worth repeatedly in the heat of racing battle.

Specially designed 4-wheel independent suspension delivers plenty of stroke, even on the upward side, for stable high-speed surface tracing and powerful running performance.

Includes 2.4GHz Syncro KT-200 R/C system featuring dual-rate and failsafe functionality.


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