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Ares Gamma 370 Pro v2 RFR

Gamma 370 Pro v2 RFR

Out Of Stock

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Ares Gamma 370 Pro v2 RFR

Stock code AZSA1652

Brand  Ares

Out of Stock
Currently unavailable - please contact us for an delivery date or an alternative.

Ares Gamma 370 Pro Features:

-Includes battery and charger
-Just add your choice of transmitter and receiver to complete
-Perfect for, first-time, intermediate, and even experienced pilots.
-Factory assembled and almost ready to fly.
-Striking new colour scheme.
-Factory installed ESC and three 9g servos
-New cowl with large air inlet apertures for essential powertrain cooling.
-Underside accessory mount for the Ares clip-on HD video and stills camera.
-Includes pre-fitted float mounts for the optional Ares float set (AZSA1640).
-Supplied complete with red and green LED nav' lights and white belly light.

Ares Gamma 370 Pro RFR (Ready For Radio) Requires:

Transmitter and Receiver (4 Channel +)