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Aviomodelli Bipe Special MK3 ART.70080

Aviomodelli Bipe Special MK3 ART.70080

Stock code ART 70080

Brand  Aviomodelli

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The Bipe Special Mk3 is a tribute to the American Eaa-Acro-Sport biplane. Excellent flight qualities give this plane the ability to perform almost all of the maneuvers a pilot could dream of whilst retaining its remarkable beauty and elegance during flight.

Thanks to the limited load on the wings, it makes for an easier and smoother landing process.

This kit contains balsa and vinyl covered foam core wings with four ailerons and the all new "Torque Tube" acsessories, A Duraflex fuselage and wheel fairings ready to use, Balsa fin and stabilizer, pre-formed reinforced nylon landing gear. 70mm OD wheels, 300cc fuel tank, decals/livery set and a simple and easy to follow instruction manual / building instructions.

Semi Scale model, aerobatic, kit contains

Duraflex fuselage, Foam wings, and comes complete with hardware and Decals

Bipe Special Specification:

Wing Span:140cm
Nose To Tail Length:110.5cm
Number of Radio Channels:4-5 Channel
Engine Size:.60 2 Stroke / .70-.90 4 Stroke