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FLYZONE Micro B-25 Mitchell TxR SLT

FLYZONE Micro B-25 Mitchell TxR SLT

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A Transmitter-ready WWII warhorse.

In the Pacific, the B-25 Mitchell was America's response to the attack on Pearl Harbor. They were the first American bombers to strike mainland Japan in the Doolittle Raid, and they continued in service throughout the war, hitting troops, ships, supply routes, and depots. Nearly 10,000 were produced. They served heavily in the Pacific as well as North Africa and Europe. As testament to the quality of these aircraft, dozens remain airworthy to this day, including the full-scale original "Heavenly Body".


  • Impressive micro scale looks
  • Modelled after "Heavenly Body"
  • Smooth, stable flight characteristics
  • Includes motor, ESC, servos and a 1S LiPo flight battery


  • Tactic 4-channel SLT radio system


  • Prebuilt Wing Fuselage and Tail Assemblies
  • Landing Gear, Wheels, Cockpit, Gun Turret, two Propellers, two Motors, ESC and Servos
  • LiPo Battery, five AA Batteries and Transmitter
  • Instruction Manual
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