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FLYZONE Tidewater EP Seaplane TxR Prime SLT

FLYZONE Tidewater EP Seaplane TxR Prime SLT

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The Tidewater, with it?s specially-formed fuselage, and gentle, predictable flight characteristics, will perform water take-offs and landings without diffi culty, making it ideally suited for both those wanting to experience the excitement of seaplane flight, as well as unpractised pilots. The reinforced fuselage underside will also allow the Tidewater to land on grass or snow, making it a real all-rounder. Water-rudder (removable) and good-sized floats ensure ease of manoeuvrability on the water, and the powerful brushless drive provides for short take-offs, as well as giving enough power for classical aerobatic flight, so that experienced pilots will also gain a lot of enjoyment from the Tidewater. With its high degree of pre-fabrication, the Tidewater needs just a few minutes to be ready to fly!

Technical specifications:
Wingspan: 1055 mm
Weight: 850-905 g
Wing loading: 42-45 g/dm2
Length: 915 mm

Required accessories Tx-R:
- TACTIC transmitter with at least 4 channels or AnyLink system combined with compatible 4-channel transmitter
- LiPo battery 3S 11.1 V 2100-2200 mAh and suitable charger

Recommended Tx-R:
- Order no: TACJ2410, transmitter TTX 410
- Order no: GPMP0861, ElectriFly LiPo battery 3S 11.1 V 2200 mAh


- Fully assembled model with fi tted 1250 kV brushless motor
- Including receiver, ESC and servos
- Detailed building instructions