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JP 480-Si Electric 48in Flying Wing (122cm)

480-Si Electric 48in Flying Wing (122cm)

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JP 480-Si Electric 48in Flying Wing (122cm)

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Brand  JP

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The JP 480-Si is still regarded as one of the best flying wings ever produced, mainly because of its flying attributes and durability. What makes the JP 480-Si such a favourite? Well, lets begin with the fact that its easy and fast to build. There are only 4 parts to glue together!

Each kit comes with a roll of coloured tape but since most people like to personalise their flying wings we now offer 5 different colour tapes to enable you to come up with your own personalised design. The 480-Si, built as standard, is a lightweight flying wing thats designed to fly slowly with very little power, however the 480-Si can also be built with added strength to help it survive mid-air collisions and almost any crash landing. Adding strips of Glass weave tape from wingtip to wingtip before covering, increases the strength considerably. 25mm Glass weave tape is normally fine but 50mm can be used for maximum strength. But remember a heavier model is harder to launch!

The recommended motor and prop combination has been matched to optimise the flight performance of the 480-Si. Mind you thats not the whole story the 480-Si is the ideal platform for adding lights and enjoying a spot of night flying. LED SMD strips are available from JP and can be easily added while building your wing. You can make your lights switchable by operating and powering them through a small 5-10A speed controller.


Wingspan (mm):1220 (48)
Wing area (sq. ft.):2.8
All-up weight (oz):30 (860g)
Channels reqd:3 (with delta mixing)

Needed to complete

  • 1 x 400 Torque I/R 2000 (A28-15) brushless motor (4445060).
  • 1 x EnErG Pro 30A BEC ESC (4404880).
  • 1 x APC-E 6 x 5.5 (4407471).
  • 1 x EnErG Pro 2100mAh 3S 25C LiPo (4403710).
  • 1 x 3-channel (minimum) radio combo with delta mixing.
  • 2 x Hitec HS-311 Standar