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JP Panic Kit

Panic Kit

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JP Panic Kit

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Brand  JP

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In the late seventies a group of competition flyers were flying a fantastic new biplane. They got together after fun-fly competitions to put on some of the most amazing displays of "Aerial Dancing", the likes of which had never been thought of let alone witnessed! This startling new biplane was created and designed by the late Phil Newman, this was the start of "The Panic".
This is the very latest quality laser cut version with simplified wing construction (all interlocking) for quick simple and easy construction.

The kit includes Laser cut ribs & all wing sheeting pre-cut to size

All the wood selected is of high quality reducing the chance of any defects.

Tail surfaces are pre lightened where necessary for an improved COG.

The wire under carriage comes pre-formed and bound ready for soldering

And Now this kit is suitable for both glow & electric!

Electric Setup -
600watts +

Ripmax Quantum II 55 Brushless Motor (M-Q2-55)
Beatles 60A Brushless ESC (ZTW3060201)
5S (18.5v) 4250mah LiPo (SKU2477)
APC 13x6.5E (E-LP13065E)
Requires 2 aileron servos, 1 rudder and 1 elevator servos 1 throttle servo (Hitec HS-322HD)

Glow Setup -
52 Four-stroke to 60-91 Two-stroke

Requires: Tank, horns, linkages, wheels etc.

P Panic Specification:

Wing Span:

Engine Size:
52FS or 61-91 2-Stroke

5 Standard

Kit Form: