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MPX RR Easyglider Pro Blue EditionDiscontinued - Please call for alternative.
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Multiplex MPX RR Easyglider Pro Blue Edition

Discontinued - Please call for alternative.

Stock code 25264223



A superb model - and not just for the beginner!

Once you have mastered the EasyStar II the next step is this robust, good-natured electric glider in the new “Blue Edition” finish. With its amazingly low gliding speed the model effortlessly exploits thermal lift when the motor is cut. It also makes a great fun model for the advanced modeller, as simple aerobatics are well within its scope.

Kit kontents: ELAPOR®-Modell 95% factory-assembled, inclusive PERMAX BL-O 2816-0850F motor, speed controller BL-20 SD, assembled propeller 9x6", 2 Servos Tiny-S und 2 Servos Nano-S, applied decal and comprehensive instruction

Powerful, efficient brushless motor for a rapid climb rate and long flight times

  • Folding propeller for reduced drag in glide mode
  • Aileron-equipped wings as standard
  • Detachable two-part wings for ease of transport
  • Convenient battery swap through the canopy
Wingspan:1800 mm
Overall lengh:1130 mm
All-up weight, glider version:ca. 800 g
All-up weight, electric version:ca. 980 g
Total surface area:41,6 dm² 
Wing loading, glider version:20 g/dm²
Wing loading, electric version:24 g/dm²
RC Functions:Rudder and elevator, throttle
Time of flight:ca. 45 min without Thermik