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RR Rockstar 264278Out of Stock - Currently unavailable - please contact us for an delivery date or an alternative
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Multiplex RR Rockstar 264278

Out of Stock - Currently unavailable - please contact us for an delivery date or an alternative.

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The MULTIPLEX ROCKSTAR is a biplane, which fascinates with its power and dynamism. As he stands there, he could also be used on an American Airshow. This type biplane is known for really daring manoeuvres such as snap and point rolls or Trudel- and Thumbelfiguren. The ROCKSTAR also 3D manoeuvres such as torque rolls, Harrier flight or Power Roll figures are sovereign flyable. The MULTIPLEX model, with 1050 mm span is built as stable by the composite of ELAPOR®, CFRP, aluminium and the M-frame technology, that there may be all in the air, which dares the experienced RC pilot. The ROCKSTAR 4-S drive (RR version), the model is endless vertically and is safely controlled with metal gears in its path thanks to the standard Hitec servos. With extravagant design solutions to the ROCKSTAR distinguishes and sets completely new standards in its class. A remarkably high strength hull by "M-Frame Technology", stable and lightweight carbon tubes (CFK) in the wings, or a very simple and fast upgrading - thanks to the detachable wings and tail with a quick fixing. The MULTIPLEX ROCKSTAR will challenge the experienced RC pilots and reward with its huge fun factor.||RR version includes - Factory assembled and painted, Powerful Brushless motor and ESC, Hitec metal geared servos (HS-85MG)

  • RR model built finished, painted and decorated
  • Chrome Spinner
  • High-strength hull by "M-Frame Technology"
  • Powerful brushless motor - three times the power of the original
  • Aluminium engine support
  • Hitec servos (HS-82 MG) with metal gears
  • Wing-quick fastening
  • Removable tailplane and fin
  • Tinted canopy with Race pilot figure and detailed panel
  • Wing Span - 1050mm
  • Length - 1060mm
  • Flying Weight - 1800g
  • Channels - 5
  • Controls - Elevator, rudder, aileron, motor
  • Flight time - 7 min. (4S ~ 2600Ah)