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Seagull Classic Ugly Stick 10-15cc 1.8m (70.9in) (SEA-255)

Classic Ugly Stick 10-15cc 1.8m (70.9in) (SEA-255)

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Seagull Classic Ugly Stick 10-15cc 1.8m (70.9in) (SEA-255)

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Brand  Seagull

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Designed with the sports flyer in mind, the Classic Ugly Stick 71 is an aeroplane that’s easy to fly and quick to assemble. The airframe is conventionally constructed from quality balsa and plywood to make it stronger than the average ARTF, while the clever design keeps the airframe surprisingly light. Most of the work has been done for you already. The pushrods are pre-made to the correct lengths, the motor mount has been fitted and the hinges are pre-installed then pinned for security. Flying the Classic Ugly Stick 71 inches is simply a joy. With reduced control throws it makes a great choice as an aileron trainer. Increase the movements and it’s capable of a wide range of aerobatics to delight the most experienced sports pilot.

A truly versatile sport aircraft that combines classic stick lines with legendary Seagull build quality and attention to detail. For 10 - 15cc glow/petrol engines or equivalent electric power.

  • Lightweight, high quality balsa and plywood construction.
  • Attractive, easy-to-track colour scheme.
  • Covered in genuine gloss finish Oracover film.
  • Superb flying characteristics.
  • Full hardware pack included for either glow or electric power.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Factory assembled and covered fuselage.
  • 1 x Factory assembled and covered wing set.
  • 1 x Factory assembled and covered tail set.
  • 1 x Comprehensive hardware pack (screws, horns, pushrods, wheels, fuel tank etc.).
  • 1 x Instruction manual.
Wingspan (mm):1800
Length (mm):1468
Wing area (sq. in):1033.2
All-up weight (lb):7.7

Needed to complete

  • 1 x 10 - 15cc two-stroke, four-stroke or petrol
  • 1 x 4-ch (minimum) transmitter and receiver combo.
  • 5 x Servos
  • 1 x propeller to suit chosen engine.