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HSF Spirit V evo 2000mm ARF

HSF Spirit V evo 2000mm ARF

Stock code A-HSF0314061

Brand  HSF

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Spirit V evo is thedirect successor of our very popular model Spirit V. The Spirit V evocome in new design and now in two versions: ARF and PNP. This PNP version includes a readybuilt-in high performance HIMAX brushless motor, propeller blades andaluminium spinner. Additionally all 6 DYMOND DS 1550 servos arebuilt-in as well as the cable beams in the wing.

The Spirit V is a niceelectric glider with very good allround flying capabilities. Equippedwith a profil RG-15 in a slightly modified version this plane worksvery well as a thermic floater. Its speed is increased compared to astandard glider.
This model has flaps so butterfly brake can be used.
Spirit V features a balsa-sheeted foam wing and a glassfibre fuselage.

  • HIMAX high performancemotor ready built-in (PNP)
  • 6x DYMOND DS 1550 readybuilt-in (PNP)
  • Cable beamsready installed and connected (PNP)
  • Balsa sheeted foam wing
  • white painted glassfiber fuselage
  • great flying performance for a reasonable price