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HSF Red Cougar 1400mm ARF

HSF Red Cougar 1400mm ARF

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Brand  HSF

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Handy, manoeuvrable and extremely fast &ndash: the RED COUGAR byStaufenbiel &ndash: now in a brand new neon design.

The Staufenbiel RED COUGAR is the successor to the COUGAR. Thesupplement "RED" in the name refers to the mode&rsquo:s newfluorescent appearance. The new RED COUGAR still retains all the greatfeatures of its popular predecessor: extreme speeds, enormous climbingperformance, its very high prefabrication quality and the resultingshort construction period.

Extreme Flight Performance
The RED COUGAR is made for aerobatics and leaves nothing to be desired.The model&rsquo:s enormous climbing performance and manoeuvrabilitywill make any model pilot's heart flutter.

High-quality Construction
The high-quality white painted fibre-glass fuselage offers plenty ofroom for the electronics and your flight battery under the removablecanopy. The wings are made of a polystyrene core and are lined withbalsa wood.

Outstanding Appearance
The model is covered with original ORACOVER&reg: film. Thanks tothe vibrant signal red and contrasting block stripes on the undersideof the wings, the model is very easily distinguishable in anysituation, even at high speeds.

Powerful Drive
The fuselage of the RED COUGAR already comes installed with a powerful1100KV HIMAX C2816 brushless external rotor motor, an aluminium spinnerand a folding propeller.

Short Construction Time
The RED COUGAR has a high degree of prefabrication and is available inan ARF and PNP version with built-in motor (1100KV) and 4 built-indigital servos with metal gears. Additionally, the PNP version comeswith an aluminium spinner, a folding propeller and now a 40 AESC. Bothversions come with matching servo covers and are supplied with onemovable and one rigid rudder, which transform the RED COUGAR into athoroughbred hotliner.

Handy Size
The RED COUGAR is the perfect "backpack model". Its 2-part wing andshort fuselage make it compact and easy to transport: it easily fitsinto every car boot &ndash: in some cases, even in the glovecompartment!


  • fast, high-performance hotliner with great flightcharacteristics
  • handy size
  • short construction time thanks to high degree ofprefabrication
  • coloured GRP fuselage (white)
  • original Oracover&reg: covering
  • 2-part polystyrene core wing with balsa covering
  • MH-43 8.5% surface profile with 21.0 dm&sup2: wingloading
  • Control via elevator, rudder, ailerons and motor
  • powerful HIMAX C2816 1100 KV motor installed (only PNPversion)
  • 4x Dymond DS 1550 MG digital servos with metal gearsinstalled and cabled (only PNP version)
  • includes Dymond Smart Eco 40 A ESC (only PNP version)
  • includes aluminium spinner and folding propeller (only PNPversion)
  • includes servo covers &amp: hardware
  • includes 2x rudders (for the optional installation of arigid rudder)
  • richly illustrated, comprehensive building instructions inGerman, English and French