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TechOne Thunder 180

TechOne Thunder 180

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Brand  TechOne

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The Thunder 180 from Tech One is a revelation, not only is it awesome indoors but you can also take this stunner outside in still conditions and amaze yourself with it’s slow speed 3D aerobatics.

Built from EPS and reinforced with carbon and balsa strips, the Thunder has amazing torsional rigidity and at only 249g is ultra light weight, making it perfect for high torque 3D aerobatics and manoeuvres.

The profile style airframe keeps air resistance to a minimum but with the large side profile you can be sure of superb knife edge performance. The large powerful control surfaces give you precise control over the aircraft.

The brushless motor provides all the thrust you need to prop hang and then to climb out with ease. Large aerobatics are easily achieved with plenty of power in reserve to pull you out if things start to go wrong.

Much smarter looking than the normal depron type models that every one else has the Thunder 180 will start a storm down at the club.

  • Extreme Torsional Rigidity
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Large Control Surfaces
  • Highly Manoeuvrable
Wingspan: 900mm
Overall Length:976mm (38.4 in)
Flying Weight: 249g (with 2S 350mAh battery 35g)
Prop Size:8040
Motor Size: AS2204
Speed Control:10A
Servo: 8g*3pcs or 8g*4pcs
Recommended Battery:2S 350mAh 20C Li-Po