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TechOne SBach 342

TechOne SBach 342

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Brand  TechOne

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No matter if you’re a professional 3D flyer or just starting out in 3D, the Sbach 342 can make 3D look easy!

The Sbach 342 is a stunning looking aircraft and we’ve captured the lines of the full size to bring you this 840mm wingspan delight from Tech One. Cool looks are nothing if the model won't perform so we’ve made sure this one does. It has power in abundance to make prop hanging a breeze and those huge control surfaces that just shout out abuse me as much as you like but I will still come back for more.

The hidden delight of this model is the variable vector motor system, coupled to the rudder the motor pivots to make knife edge aerobatics so easy. You will be performing knife edge loops and ultra flat power on spins with ease.

The reinforced EPOFLEXY airframe provides plenty of strength for those quick manoeuvres whilst keeping the weight to a minimum, allowing all the power from the brushless drivetrain to be used for prop hanging and vertical climbs.

This is one model that will not disappoint.

  • Durable EPOFLEXY Construction
  • High Stability Design
  • Vectored Prop System
  • Large Control Surfaces
  • Streamlined Airframe
Wingspan: 840mm (33.1 in)
Overall Length:960mm (37.8 in)
Flying Weight: 275-295g (with battery)
Prop Size:SF8040
Motor Size: AT2206 V2 KV 1500
Speed Control:10A
Servo: 8g servo *4pcs
Recommended Battery:3S 11.1V 400mah