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TOPFLITE Cessna 182 Skylane Gold Edition Kit

TOPFLITE Cessna 182 Skylane Gold Edition Kit

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The Cessna 182 Skylane is one of the most popular, well-known sports and passenger planes worldwide, and is often used as a trainer aircraft. The Cessna was first licensed in 1956, and up until 1985 over 20000 units were built. In 1996, production of this ever popular aircraft began once more. The model has the same excellent appearance and flight characteristics as the original, and numerous details such as cockpit finish, flaps, and navigation lights make this Cessna 182 Skylane a superlative replica. A robust 3-wheeled landing gear makes taking off, and landing on grass strips easy, and with it's extremely smooth flight behavior, the Cessna 182 Skylane is ideally suited as an introduction into the realm of large models. The Cessna also functions well as a tow plane.

Technical specification:
Wingspan: 2060 mm
Length: 1630 mm
Wing area: 57,9 dm2
Weight: 5200-6700 g
Wing loading: 90-115 g/dm2

Ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle, flaps, lighting

- min. 6-channel RC-System
- Servos min. 5 kg/cm torque, 7 pieces
- 4.8 V Receiver Battery 1800 mAh

For electric motor:
- Brushless-Motor 450 kV
- 60 A ESC
- APC Airscrew, 16 x 8
- min. 5S Flight Battery

For engine:
- 2-stroke Motor 15 ccm or 4-stroke Motor 20 ccm
- Airscrew 2-stroke 13 x 7 or 4-stroke 14 x 8
- Receiver Battery

Recommended accessories:
- Order no: TACJ2850, RC-Set TTX850
- Order no: TACM0240, Servos TSX 40, 7 pieces
- Order no: GPMG4770, Brushless-Motor RimFireTM 1.20
- Ord er no: GPMM1850, ElectriFlyTM Silver Series 60 A Brushless-ESC
- Order no: GPMP0870, ElectriFlyTM LiPo Battery 2S 7.4 V 3200 mAh 25C
- Order no: GPMP0871, ElectriFlyTM LiPo Battery 3S 11.1 V 3200 mAh 25C
- Order no: HCAQ9055, APC 16 x 8 Thin electric
- Order no: GPMG1260, Brushless-Motor mount


- Wooden fuselage, wings and tail unit ARF: assembled and MONOKOTE-covered
- Plastic engine cowling and wheel fairings ARF: painted fibreglass
- Fibreglass landing gear, braces and wing struts ARF: flaps and ailerons with fibreglass