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TOPFLITE Giant Scale Focke-Wulf 190 ARF

TOPFLITE Giant Scale Focke-Wulf 190 ARF

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The FOCKE-WULF FW 190 was one of the most successful German fighter aircraft of WWII. This model excites scale enthusiasts not only because of it's pleasing appearance with the conspicuous colour scheme, but also because of it's well-balanced flight characteristics. The giant FW 190 also stands out with innumerable details, such as a cockpit furnished with seat, instrumentation, pedals, painted fibreglass engine cowling and dummy radial engine. The pre-assembled wings are prepared for fitting a retractable landing gear, and come equipped with hinged ailerons and flaps. This giant ARF model is covered with matte MONOKOTE foil, and it's striking, highly detailed appearance, coupled with impressive performance, will make the FW-190 a real eye-catcher on every flying field!

Technical specification:
Wingspan: 2195 mm
Length: 1830 mm
Wing area: 5 dm2
Weight from: 9980 g
Wing loading: 116-128 g/dm2

Ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, motor, retractable landing gear

- 50-55 ccm combustion Motor
- min. 6-channel RC-System
- 1 Standard and 8 High-torque Servos
- Receiver Battery at least 1800 mAh.

Recommended accessories:
- Order no: TACJ2852, RC-Set TTX850
- Order no: TACM0240, Standard Servo, 1 piece
- Order no: TACM0247, High-torque digital Servos, 8 pieces

For electric retractable landing gear:
- Order no: ROBQ1657, Electric retractable landing gear
- Order no: ROBQ2231, Pneumatic Retractable Tail Wheel

For pneumatic landing gear:
- Order no: ROBQ1658, Pneumatic main landing gear
- Order no: ROBQ2220, Pneumatic Retractable Tail Wheel
- Order no: ROBQ2305, Pneumatic control set


- Wooden, matte MONOKOTE-covered fuselage, wings, and tail unit
- Matte painted fibreglass engine Cowling
- Wheels for the main landing gear, tail gear with wheel
- Motor mount, tank
- Spinner
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