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TOPFLITE Giant P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback ARF

TOPFLITE Giant P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback ARF

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The P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback is a further highlight model from the Giant Scale Series from TopFlite. The Razorback was one of the largest and fastest piston-engine US fighters of WWII. With her heavy armour and eight .50 calibre machine guns, the P-47 was much loved by her pilots and feared by her adversaries. She rapidly made a name for herself, and became one of the most famous warbirds of all time! The TopFlite P-47 Razorback is modelled after Dominic Gentile's ''Donnie Boy,'' a member of the 336th Fighter Squadron of the USAF Fourth Fighter Group. This aircraft won one of the most impressive low-altitude dog fights during which, due to Gentile's flying prowess, the adversary ran out of ammunition. This model P-47 flies just as well as the original and, as with all of our Giant Warbirds, the cockpit finishing set is included in the ARF kit! As an additional optional attention-getter the drop tank can be jettisond via the RC. In the air the P-47 looks just like the original! Become the pilot of one of the most famous warbirds of all time, and enjoy the unparalleled performance and gentle flight characteristics that make warbird flying so unique.

- Cockpit finishing set included in kit
- Wings, tail unit and fuselage pre-covered with multi-coloured MONOKOTE foil
- Optional electric or combustion powered drive
- Large detachable fuselage cover provides easy access to RC components and facilitates battery change
- Optional drop tank/bomb
Technical specification:
Wingspan: 2160 mm
Length: 1905 mm
Wing area: 85.7 dm2
Weight: ab 8800 g
Wing loading: 104-113 g/dm2

RC functions:
Ailerons, elevator, rudder, motor, flaps, retractable undercarriage, optional: drop tank/bomb

- 8-Channel RC set
- 9-12 Servos
- Electric motor or at least 50 ccm combustion motor

Recommended accessories:
- Order no: TACJ2852, RC Set TTX850
- Order no: TACM0245 TSX45 Servo, 8 pcs

For pneumatic undercarriage:
- Order no: ROBQ1636, Main Undercarriage, Pneumatic
- Order no: ROBQ2225, Tail Wheel, Pneumatic
- Order no: ROBQ2305, Pneumatic Valve Kit

For electric undercarriage:
- Order no: ROBQ1637, Main Undercarriage, Electric
- Order no: ROBQ2231, Tail Wheel, Electric

For electric powered drive:
- Order no: GPMG4805 RimFire 65cc Brushless motor
- Order no: FLWA8056 Flitework FW Control 150HV
- Order no: FPWP5506 2X 6S 22.2V 5000mAh 50C LiPo battery

For combustion powered drive:
- Order no: DLEG0055 DLE-55 or order no: DLEG0061 DLE-61
- Order no: TACM0235 TSX35 Servo


- Wings, tail unit and fuselage, covered with MONOKOTE foil
- Painted fibreglass engine cowl, undercarriage fairing
- Cockpit finishing kit
- Control surface linkage accessories
- Decal sheet
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