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TOPFLITE P-51 Mustang .60 Size ARF with Retracts

TOPFLITE P-51 Mustang .60 Size ARF with Retracts

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During WWII almost no other aircraft became as well known as the P-51 Mustang, and although originally constructed as a fighter, it was soon clear that with it's weaponry, high speed and agility, the Mustang was better employed as a low-altitude reconnaissance and fighter-bomber aircraft. The model has inherited these flight characteristics, and with use of it's flaps, can be slowed considerably to facilitate landing. The mechanically operated retracting landing gear adds realism to taking off and landing, and despite it's speed and agility, the model can be comfortably and safely steered through all flight maneuvers.

Technical specification:
Wingspan: 1640 mm
Length: 1420 mm
Wing area: 46,5 dm2
Weight from: 3900 g
Wing loading from: 84 g/dm2

Ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, throttle, retractable landing gear

- 2-stroke Motor 12.5-15 ccm or 4-stroke Motor 20 ccm
- Airscrew 14 x 7 (2-stroke)
- min. 6-channel RC-System
- 7-8 Servos with min. 5 kg/cm torque, 7-8 pieces
- 4.8 V Receiver Battery from 1300 mAh

Recommended accessories:
- Order no: TACJ2850, RC-Set TTX850
- Order no: TACM0247, Servos TSX47, 7-8 pieces


- Wooden sheeted fuselage, wings and tail unit, covered with MONOKOTE foil
- Painted fibreglass engine cowling, oil cooler and landing gear covers
- Mechanical retractable landing gear, Tailwheel, wheels
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