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TOPFLITE AT-6 Texan .60 Size ARF w/Retracts

TOPFLITE AT-6 Texan .60 Size ARF w/Retracts

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During WWII, the AT-6 Texan served as a trainer for US Airforce and US Navy fighter pilots. Built in 1938, this aircraft was also used by numerous other countries, and after the war was the first trainer in service with the newly formed German Luftwaffe. Today, the AT-6 Texan can still encountered at many air shows and classical meets. This pleasing scale model of the AT-6 is made of a sturdy wooden built-up construction, and covered with MONOKOTE-foil. Assembly is simplified by accurately detailed components, such as cockpit, engine cowling and dummy engine. The model is suitable for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorisation, and is supplied with a retractable landing gear. The flaps can be used to gain altitude on take-off, and reduce speed on landing, and just like the original, this model AT-6 Texan also has excellent flight characteristics.

Technical specification:
Wingspan: 1755 mm
Length: 1295 mm
Wing area: 47,1 dm&sup2:
Weight: 3800-4300 g
Wing loading: 81-91 g/dm&sup2:

Ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle, flaps, retractable landing gear

- 2-stroke Motor 10-12.5 ccm or 4-stroke Motor 15-20 ccm
- Airscrew, 11 x 8 (2-stroke)
- min. 6-channel RC-System
- Servos, min. 5 Kg torque, (7-8)
- 4.8 V Receiver Battery min. 1300 mAh

Recommended accessories:
- Order no: TACJ2852, RC-Set TTX850
- Order no: TACM0247, Servos TSX47


- Wooden, MONOKOTE-covered fuselage, wings and tail unit
- Fibreglass engine cowling, cockpit and canopy, pilot dummy
- Mechanical retractable landing gear with wheels, tail wheel
- Motor mount, tank, plastic dummy motor,
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