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West Wings WW502 W/Leader Hurricane 51cm WEST WINGS

WW502 W/Leader Hurricane 51cm WEST WINGS

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West Wings WW502 W/Leader Hurricane 51cm WEST WINGS

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Brand  West Wings

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Overlooked by many historians when talking about the Battle of Britain, the rugged Hawker Hurricane shot down far more enemy aircraft than the Spitfire and therefore rightly deserves to be kitted in our Wingleader series.

Like the Spitfire, she’s a printed kit that builds up into an amazingly accurate representation of this classic aircraft. The stringered rear fuselage is actually very similar to the full size and therefore quite authentic. The supplied rubber motor is a good starting point for flying, but performance can be improved by the substitution of better rubber at a later date. Hurricanes were famous for being tough and ours is no exception. The thick section wing is also great for high lift and the limited taper ensures good low-speed performance.

Hurricanes served in many campaigns in WWII so colour schemes are varied. From camouflage in the Battle of Britain to all black night fighters, the choice is yours.

Keep the Battle of Britain alive by building our kit of Harry Hawkers masterpiece!

Kit includes:
All the wood required to build the model, coloured tissue for covering,
plastic propeller and rubber motor, wheels, spinner, canopy and roundels and tail flash decals.

Additional items required: Glue, Tissue Paste, Dope, Scalpel and Pins.

Rubber Powered Model
Wingspan: 508 mm (20")


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