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West Wings WW504 Wingleader Tempest 52cm WEST WINGS

WW504 Wingleader Tempest 52cm WEST WINGS

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West Wings WW504 Wingleader Tempest 52cm WEST WINGS

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Brand  West Wings

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One of the last of the RAF’s piston engined fighters, the superb Hawker Tempest found fame as a fighter and ground attack aircraft alike.

She was one of the fastest aircraft of her time and one of the few to be able to engage the jet powered ME262 and emerge victorious. She also had the speed to shoot down the dreaded ‘Doodle Bugs’ as they rained down on the South East corner of England.

Our Wingleader kit is the biggest in the range at 523mm span and as such has the lowest wing loading. That translates into great and predictable flight performance. Like all the Wingleader kits, she’s constructed from printed components and builds up to be a good scale representation of the original. The wing retains the complex external shape of the full size yet ours has a fairly simple internal structure. We know that some builders have even managed to install electric power and micro R/C.

Now that would be fun!!

Kit includes:
All the wood required to build the model, coloured tissue for covering,
plastic propeller and rubber motor, wheels, spinner, canopy and full decals.

Additional items required: Glue, Tissue Paste, Dope, Scalpel and Pins.

Rubber Powered Flying Scale Model
Wingspan: 523 mm (20.6")


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