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MJX F49 Helicopter RedGood Stocks – Available for same day despatch Mon–Fri if ordered before 2pm.
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MJX F49 - Red

Good Stocks – Available for same day despatch
Mon–Fri if ordered before 2pm.

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RRP £89.99 £79.99

The F49 is the latest offering from the MJX hanger. Featuring the latest in on-board electronics combined with efficient design, the F49 is super stable for the novice yet lively enough to entertain the most experienced pilot.


Century UK MJX Helicopters MEMS GyroThe gyro is a device used to determine the flight heading of the helicopter. It is the core component used to determine the helicopters directionality and does this by balancing the speed of the motors to counteract any torque rotation caused by the main blades spinning.

Century UK MJX Helicopters Li-Po BattertLi-Po batteries are quickly becoming the standard in flight packs due to their ability to give a more efficient power supply than the 'old style' Ni-MH or Ni-Cd packs. This results in longer flight times and better performance for even more flight action.

Century UK MJX Helicopters Proportional ServosProportional servos give smooth movement control in relation to the amount of stick movement being used, so instead of a definitive on/off movement, you get a gradual, more controllable flight.

Century UK MJX Helicopters F45 Spotlight

The onboard LED searchlight not only looks great, but can also make flying in low light areas much easier as it gives a bright forward facing light to help with orientation.

Length630mm (24.80")
Height195mm (7.68")
Rotor Diameter490mm (19.29")
Weight514g (18.13oz)
Radio4 Channel 2.4GHz

Century UK MJX Helicopter Video CameraThe intelligent PCB control board on the F49 features a connection point for the optional MJX high-pixel camera, allowing you to record video footage or take photos during your flight with no additional set-up required! The camera is quick and easy to install and once fitted the lens angle is easily adjustable. The camera itself is operated from the original transmitter, so there are no additional extras. At the press of a button 3 .jpg photos are taken or the video recording will start. Video is recorded in AVI format onto the supplied 1GB Micro SD memory card and can be copied to your computer or laptop with the supplied Micro SD USB card reader.


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MJX F49 Helicopter Red
MJX F49 Helicopter Red
MJX F49 Helicopter Red

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