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IC Aircraft


Internal combustion (IC) model aircraft are faster than electric RC planes, so the thrill factor is very much increased when you get your nitro or glow craft in the air. This type of plane is the traditionalist’s choice, and they were the usual type of model plane before electric planes became mainstream. Technology improvements have seen smaller IC engines in recent years, and there are many models on the market that will give you lots of fun for years to come.

We’ve got some stable, low-flying nitro model planes suitable as trainers for beginners. Most clubs will be happy to provide instruction to help you get started with your IC plane.

For more confident flyers, we’ve got some exciting IC sport models, which are particularly suitable if you are keen on acrobatics and racing. We also offer scale IC planes with authentic detailing. Our extensive range of scale model aircraft includes classic planes as well as machines that you might see at work in modern airfields.