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AQUACRAFT Wildcat EP Brushless Catamaran TTX300 2.4GHz RTR

AQUACRAFT Wildcat EP Brushless Catamaran TTX300 2.4GHz RTR

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The Wildcat EP Catamaran will make your introduction to brushless model racing very easy. Wildcat's hull shape, motor, drive system and battery have been uncompromisingly configured for high performance, combining speed, operational stability, and huge enjoyment at an affordable price! Now equipped with the ergonomically-shaped sensitive Tactic TTX300 pistol-grip RC-system.

- Vacuum-moulded ABS hull with glued-on deck
- Separate ABS ride-pads for sharp breakaway edges
- 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX300 pistol-grip RC-system
- Powerful brushless drive system
- Semi-submerged propeller for improved performance
- Waterproof RC box
- Aluminium twin rudder assembly

Technical specifications:
Hull length: 673 mm
Overall length: 737 mm
Width: 229 mm
Total weight: 907 g

RC functions:
Rudder, motor speed forwards

- 3S LiPo battery with minimum 25C and 2000mAh capacity
- LiPo charger with balancer-function
- Mignon cells (type AA) for transmitter power supply, 4 pieces

Recommended accessories:
- Order no.: GPMP0861, 11.1 V 3S 2200 mAh LiPo battery pack
- Order no.: HCAP0180, PulseTec 354 charger
- Order no.: AQUB9514, Pro-Sealing Tape, for waterproofing the cockpit cover


- Assembled model with ABS hull and deck
- Lockable cockpit cover
- 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX300 pistol-grip RC-system
- Double rudder assembly with breakaway protective function