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AQUACRAFT Revolt 30 2.4 RTR (Silver/White)

AQUACRAFT Revolt 30 2.4 RTR (Silver/White)

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Pure dynamics! There's no other way to describe the Revolt 30, which looks like it's streaking along even when it's not moving! Impressive features such as sleek fibreglass mono racing hull equipped with high-quality components, aluminium rudder, wave struts and turn fins, brushless drive and metal propeller all combine to generate racing thrills never before possible in this class. Revolt 30 is absolutely stable in operation, even when turning, and is offered in four different colour schemes.

- High-quality GRP hull and cockpit cowl
- 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX300 pistol-grip RC-system
- High speed model
- Semi-submerged metal propeller for maximum performance
- Almost as manoeuvrable as an Eco boat
- Factory-fitted metal propeller
- Four colour schemes available

Technical specifications:
Hull length: 762 mm
Total length: 851 mm
Width: 232 mm
Total weight: 1560 g

RC functions:
Rudder, Motor speed forwards

- 2S LiPo battery with minimum 30C and 4000mAh capacity, 2 pieces
- LiPo charger with balancer-function
- Mignon cells (type AA) for transmitter power supply, 4 pieces

Recommended accessories:
- Order no.: AQUB9825, 7.4 V 4200mAh LiPo battery pack, 2 pieces
- Order no.: AQUB9830, 14.4 V 4200mAh LiPo battery pack, 1 pieces
- Order no.: FPWP3502, 7.4 V 5000mAh LiPo battery pack for longer running time, 2 pieces
- Order no.: HCAP0185, PulseTec 906 LiPo battery charger
- Order no.: AQUB9514, Pro-Sealing Tape, for waterproofing the cockpit cowl


- Assembled model with GRP hull and cockpit cowl
- High-quality aluminum drive components
- High-quality metal propeller
- 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX300 pistol-grip RC-system
- Aluminium rudder assembly with breakaway p