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AQUACRAFT Bristol Trawler 2.4GHz TTX491 RTR

AQUACRAFT Bristol Trawler 2.4GHz TTX491 RTR

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Your Bristol Trawler RTR is a factory-assembled model of a typical European trawler. The model is equipped ready to operate with factory-fitted drive system, RC components, and 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX491 RC-system. The sturdy pre-painted fibreglass hull with detailed wooden decking and superstructure will also stand up to rougher waters. The model is fully pre-assembled simply insert the two masts in the deck and connect the shroud tensioners and you are ready to sail. Factory-fitted switchable navigation and work lights mean that you can even sail at night with no problems, and with her powerful electric motor, LiPo-compatible ESC and metal propeller, your Bristol Trawler can easily avoid collision with other vessels should the need arise. Using half speed will maximise running time and give your boat a really authentic appearance. With the included wooden display stand you can present your model perfectly at home too.

- 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX491 RC-system
- High quality painted GRP hull with wooden deck
- Completely pre-assembled rigging and trawl nets
- Removable wooden bridge superstructure
- LED nautical and work lights with separate switch
- Fitted hardware
- Realistic metal propeller

Technical specifications:
Hull length: 850 mm
Width: 220 mm
Overall height: 737 mm
Total weight: 3650 g

RC functions:
Rudder, motor speed forward/reverse

- 3S LiPo battery with minimum 20C and 2000mAh capacity
- LiPo charger with balance function
- 6 Batteries (type AA) cells, power supply for transmitter and model lighting systems

Recommended accessories:
- Order no.: GPMP0861, 11.1 V 2200 mAh LiPo battery
- Order no.: HCAP0180, PulseTec 354 charger


- Assembled model with GRP hull in 1:28 scale
- Easily fitted fibreglass masts including trawl rigging and nets
- 550-size electric motor
- LiPo-compatible ESC with directional reverse
- Fitted hardware