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Fishing People Baiting 500 RTR Bait Boat (Grey)Low Stock – Available for despatch normally Mon-Fri if ordered before 2pm, We will contact you if unavailable.
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Fishing People Baiting 500 RTR Bait Boat (Grey)

Low Stock – Available for despatch normally Mon-Fri
if ordered before 2pm,
We will contact you if unavailable.

Stock code B-FP3151G

RRP £250.00 £224.99

The Baiting 500 has been designed for hobby fisherman that are looking for a compact and capable bait boat at a sensible price point. The hopper has a 500g bait capacity while also towing your line to the right position to release in one go, or you can use the magnetic releases to tow you line anywhere in the lake. It has been built with durability in mind and has a tough moulded hull with a large carry handle in the middle.

Bait Hopper
The Baiting 500 has a large hopper in the center of the boat that can take approximately 500 grams of dry bait and there is a notch in the door allowing you to tow your line out at the same time. Press the release button on the controller and the door springs back releasing you line and the bait at the same time. You can then drive the boat back and reload setting multiple lines around your chosen fishing spot.

Magnetic Pothook Line Release
You can also attach a magnetic pothook to your line and tow your line (a separate line to the one already in the hopper) and with a gentle tug on your line you can disconnect the magnet to position the line exactly where you want it. You can also tow the line to a desire spot, stop the boat, then if the fish takes the bait then the force with also disconnect the magnet. This gives you the advantage of changing your fishing spot without reeling the line in constantly, you just drive to a new spot!

Night Time Use
The Baiting 500 is fitted with front and rear led lights for night time use. They are inset slightly into the top of the boat avoid shining directly at the fish but they are raised slightly to illuminate possible obstacles. The Front lights are blue and the rear lights are red so you can always see what direction you are pointing. There is also a switch if you would like to turn them off in the day time.

Long Duration and Replaceable Battery
The included battery is capable of 1.5 hours of use, this equates to using the boat about 50 times driving it about 50 meters each time. If that's not enough there is a easy access battery hatch allowing you to swap the battery for another (O-FP315110) in very little time, so you can take as many as you want. The charger is easy to use and included with the boat.

Tough Carry Bag
We have included a very strong carry bag for easy transport. It not only carries the boat but it has space for the transmitter, batteries and some spare parts (more magnetic pot hooks etc..). There are two strong nylon carry handles and the bag is bright green so it is easily seen.

Low battery Warning
The LED lights designed to flash when the battery runs low (even when switched off) so you can tell that the battery has run low. They have a 10 minute warning period where they will continue to flash so you have plenty of time to return the bank.

Quiet Drive System
The motors and propeller are optimised to reduce noise to produce the minimum disturbance to the fish as possible. Each propeller is surrounded by a large guard to help prevent the ingestion of weeds and other rubbish that could interfere with the propellers.

Easy Maintenance
The Baiting 500 was designed with a modular construction in mind. This allows you to easily maintain your own boat and replace parts if damaged of worn out, Which is not usually the case with a lot of bait boats!

Box Contains
• Baiting 500 Boat (Grey)
• 2.4GHz Transmitter
• NiMh Boat Battery
• AC 230V Battery Charger
• Magnetic Pothook set
• Allen Key
• Carry Bag
• Hook & loop Tape

Required to Complete
• 4x 'AA' Alkaline Batteries for the Transmitter!