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Constructo HALIFAX 1768 65cm

HALIFAX 1768 65cm

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Constructo HALIFAX 1768 65cm

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Brand  Constructo

Out of Stock
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Halifax saw action at the landing of the British Royal Navy in Boston 1775, and was most famous for her role in the burning of the port of Falmouth, Maine in 1776, the year of the American Revolution.
This new exquisite version of the kit uses state-of-the-art laser cut wood and includes a new and detailed photographic instruction manual.

Atlantis Series ships feature more details and more difficult hull lines and so are more difficult to make. The wood is laser- or watercut. These plank on frame kits include high quality strip wood & many pre-cut wooden parts, cast and turned metal fittings, rigging, and cloth sails as well as detailed construction plans & written instructions.

  • Series - Atlantis
  • Overall length - 29.33 ins (65cm)
  • Height - 23.33 ins
  • Width - 10.33ins
  • Scale - 1:35