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Constructo ENTERPRISE 1799 LENGTH 77cm


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Constructo ENTERPRISE 1799 LENGTH 77cm

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Brand  Constructo

Out of Stock
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The Enterprise was built in Maryland, USA in 1799 and took part in the siege of Tripoli in 1801. Kirk and Spock missed the boat though.

Atlantis Series
Atlantis Series ships feature more details and more difficult hull lines and so are more difficult to make. The wood is laser- or watercut. These plank on frame kits include high quality strip wood & many pre-cut wooden parts, cast and turned metal fittings, rigging, and cloth sails as well as detailed construction plans & written instructions.

Founded in 1942, Constructo wooden model ships was a pioneer in its field. Laser-cut technology has since been incorporated to make kit building an easy and enjoyable hobby. The romance of the sea is at your fingertips with every Constructo kit.

  • All kits are complete with quality hardware and fittings (brass, cast iron, ceramic, copper) needed for completion.
  • All models are faithful historical reproductions.
  • Detailed building instructions (with up to 200 colour photos) are included with every kit.
  • Only top-quality woods are used in Constructo kits.
  • Beginner kits have pre-constructed hulls for easy assembly.
  • Series - Atlantis
  • Overall length - 32 ins (77cm)
  • Height - 26.75 ins
  • Width - 9.75 ins
  • Scale - 1:51