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Carisma Scale Adventure - Coyote SCA-1E - deluxe scale truck kitGood Stocks – Available for same day despatch Mon–Fri if ordered before 2pm.
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Carisma Scale Adventure - Coyote SCA-1E - deluxe scale truck kit

Good Stocks – Available for same day despatch
Mon–Fri if ordered before 2pm when possible.

Stock code CA79168

Carisma Scale Adventure

RRP £209.99 £186.99

The SCA-1E Kit has been designed by scale enthusiasts, for scale enthusiasts. From its inception the original SCA-1E has proved such a global success as a RTR, it was an obvious choice to become a kit release. It offers an affordable way into the self-build scale scene and will allow the end user to tailor it's final look and performance to their own taste and abilities. Go as detailed or as simple with the build as you feel. Make the kit an extension of your own personality, and from the minute you start the build, personalize it any way you want.

 It's based around the Coyote but has a few subtle upgrades and changes from the RTR. As well as the Steel C Section Ladder Chassis, Locked Axles, Flippable Central Transmission, Steel UJ's and Prop-shafts, the Weight bias has now been optimised straight from the box. The new CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) mount places both the Steering Servo and the Main Pack forward of the transmission, and directly over the front axle. This improves the rigs ability to climb inclines and generate traction when crawling and the mount also acts as a Chassis Brace, reducing Flex and keeping the geometry of the rig as true as possible, even under the most demanding situations.

Build it stock and it runs trails with ease, or embark on milder forms of rock crawling, and own a rig that's not only very capable, it’s also extremely durable too. Go past stock and a world of possibilities opens up. Detail the body, weight the wheels, tune the shocks and spend time getting the component layout just right for the optimum weight bias, and you have a rig that's DNA has been proven to be RECON G6 capable, the stock RTR being fully G6 Certified in 2017 over a gruelling 12 hour Fix Enduro, attaining a second place finish in the team event. We've taken that original design and improved it further for the kit. It's not over complicated, so by building it yourself, you will know it inside out, and maintenance, repairs and future upgrades and tuning are easy to administer.

The kit sports a CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo), with a forward mounted battery tray to fully optimize weight bias and improve the rigs crawling capabilities. The new battery tray accommodates standard brick style LiPo cells or standard stick NiMH packs. New alloy bodied, oil filled, coil-over shocks keep the wheels firmly planted to your running surface. We improved the upper shock mounts and chassis bracing, to offer multiple upper shock positions and a stiffer feeling C Section chassis. The SCA-1E has evolved, but the price point remains competitive and affordable to all. We want this sector to continue to grow and encourage as much new blood into the hobby as possible. Scale has no boundaries of age or gender. It’s not elitist or expensive. It’s fun and about being at one with nature and embracing each new run as a true adventure.


Carisma SCA-1E Features:

  • CMS mount for servo
  • CMS mount for Forward Battery Position
  • New Bead Lock Wheels ( chromed)
  • New Soft Compound Tires
  • All NEW Large capacity Alum PRO Oil Shocks with 3.5mm Shock Shafts
  • Clear Body Shells with Chrome Parts
  • New Shock/Body Brackets for stiffer chassis

Dimensions of the SCA-1E Kit:

  • Weight: Approx. 2200g (Fully Built)
  • Skid Clearance: 75mm (adjustable)
  • Length: 480mm (varies by model)
  • Width: 230mm (varies by model)
  • Wheelbase: 280mm (adjustable)
  • Height: 210mm (adjustable)