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CML HoBao Hyper SS Nitro RTR Off-Road Truggy HBSST-S28RG

CML HoBao Hyper SS Nitro RTR Off-Road Truggy HBSST-S28RG

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The latest HoBao SS performance is now available in Truggy form with the new Hyper SST. Developed on the back of the latest SS Buggy platform the SST features the latest suspension design for improved traction and stability. Reduced weight over its predecessor provides the SST with improved acceleration for better speed and jumping.


Each long throw suspension arm is handled by anti-roll bars and the latest generation 17mm big bore oil filled shock absorbers that feature threaded bodies for fine spring tension tuning. Optimized steering block and hub carrier provide better steering and rough track handling.


The installed radio consists of HoBao 2.4ghz 2-channel radio and high quality Savox servos to help truly unlock the performance of the Hyper SST. Power is provided by HoBao’s own Hyper 28 MacStar engine and polished tuned pipe fueled up by the over-sized 150cc fuel tank for longer run times (legal 125cc option available).


Eye catching burnt orange anodized aluminium components add the necessary style, all topped off with the latest cab forward bodyshell and racing dish wheels.


Hyper SST Features:

  • RTR W/Hobao 2.4ghz
  • Savox Servos for the steering and throttle
  • Hyper 28 MacStar pullstart engine
  • Gen2 17mm big bore aluminium shocks
  • 2 Stage air filter. 3 show clutch
  • Steel spur gear
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Wrap around front bumper
  • High down force wing
  • Dish wheels with racing tires

Hyper SST Spec Check:

Front Track:340mm
Rear Track:355mm
Power source:Nitro Engine

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