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MCD RR5 Competition 1/6th Scale 26cc ARTR Buggy

MCD RR5 Competition 1/6th Scale 26cc ARTR Buggy

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Introducing the new competition spec buggy from MCD, the RR5!

The RR5 is a new and improved racers dream, having spent 3 years on the case MCD's research and development team have finally produced their most up to date and user friendly 1/6th scale racing dream. 

"A true racing experience" is really one of the only ways to describe the race runner, coming from a background of racing, the RR5 has been designed to allow for the quickest possible tuning when racing as every millisecond counts when your going for the podium.

Being ARTR (Almost Ready To Run) means you only need a few items to get your buggy round the track such as a:

  • Rx Battery 6V NiMh or 7.4V LiPo
  • Suitable Charger
  • 2 Stroke Oil

All of which can be purchased through ourselves.


MCD RR5 Features:

  • 26cc 2 Stroke Petrol Engine
  • RadioLink RC3S Steerwheel Transmitter and Receiver
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Elite Racing Design With High Performance Parts
  • Sophisticated 4WD Shaft Driven
  • Fith Generation MCD Chassis And Suspension Arms
  • Viper Airfilters
  • New Barracuda G Performance Exhaust Improved For The RR5 (Optional)
  • No-Stress-Effect Polyamide Front & Rear Bumper
  • Aircraft 7075 Alloy, Front & Rear Towers
  • Aircraft 7075 Alloy, Anodized & CNC Machined Chassis
  • Rear Wishbone Mud Guard
  • RR5 Super Cooling Air Ventilation System
  • Extended Composite Coil-over Shocks
  • 54Kg Steering servo
  • 30Kg Break servo

RR5 Spec Check:

Overall Height:340mm
Ground Clearance:25-85mm
Weight:12.4Kg/12.8Kg (Depending on Equipment Installed)
Track Width:402mm
Wheelbase:549-565mm (Adjustable)
Transmission:Full-time Shaft Driven 4WD
Suspension:Non-Parallel, Non-Line Independant
Gear Ratio:9,14:1 (18 available 7,44:1 to 10,67:1)

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