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Tamiya RC TC-01 Formula E Gen2 - 58681

Tamiya RC TC-01 Formula E Gen2 - 58681

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Brand  Tamiya

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In times of climate change, automotive engineering is constantly driving the development of electric vehicles. The manufacturers gain many important insights from motorsport. Formula E has now established itself as a large global racing series and from 2020 has achieved official FIA world championship status. The series uses exclusively electric cars and is therefore an ideal topic for Tamiya, who as a well-known manufacturer, have been relying almost exclusively on electrical R / C models for decades.

We're excited to introduce the championship version of Gen2 car design as used in this series this season and last season. The basis for this model is the exciting, completely new TC-01 chassis, which is characterized by an extremely flat design in order to achieve the maximum effect of this and other formula car bodies.

Detailed information about the TC-01 chassis

  • In addition to the unique Formula E Gen2 body, this chassis is compatible with standard touring car bodies. The wheelbase: 257 mm.
  • A hybrid combination of monocoque and upper frame is reminiscent of that of the TA07 and other modern Tamiya chassis. It offers superior rigidity and the potential for a wide range of structures.
  • The all-new front and rear internal suspension uses identical long left and right wishbones and spars for optimal leverage and efficient maintenance.
  • The drive motor with internal front and rear suspension is embedded in the center of the monocoque area.
  • The oil pressure dampers are actuated via push rods and rocker arms. The use of different spacers makes it possible to change camber, caster and toe angles for maximum freedom of adjustment.
  • Change the bumper and body mounts to choose between formula and touring car layout.
  • The shaft-driven 4WD layout uses oil-filled gear differentials of the TB-05 design for a smooth, efficient drive.
  • Compatible with IFMAR battery packs with standard dimensions.
  • Many hop-up parts are being planned in time to spice up the chassis even more!


  • Chassis Kit
  • Polycarbonate Bodyshell
  • 540 motor

Required to complete:

  • ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
  • 2+ Channel Transmitter and Receiver
  • Steering Servo
  • 7.2v Battery
  • Polycarbonate Spray Paint

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