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TRAXXAS Maxx 1/10 4WD VXL (TQi, TSM, No Batt, No Chgr) Red

TRAXXAS Maxx 1/10 4WD VXL (TQi, TSM, No Batt, No Chgr) Red

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Traxxas Maxx VXL 1/10 4WD


The large 1/7 scale Traxxas X-Maxx forever changed the face of RC monster trucks. Its radical new design, massive size, brutal strength, and unmatched power transformed X-Maxx into the stuff of legends. There has been nothing else like it until now! Meet the all-new 1/10 Traxxas Maxx. Maxx expertly packages X-Maxx's innovative design elements into a lighter, more compact, more ferocious beast that is ready to take speed and strength to new levels of extreme intensity. Let the fun begin!


Extreme power. Extreme durability. Extreme fun! This is the foundation that the Maxx Experience is built upon. With a new Maxx platform that is smaller and lighter, Traxxas engineers took the speed to 60+ mph, tuned it for even higher performance, and doubled-down on strength and durability. Maxx is once again reshaping monster truck fun and excitement.


Traxxas Velineon brushless power hits hard with massive 4S punch and effortless wheelies on demand. Maxx feels like an unstoppable force of nature as top speeds reach an awe-inspiring 60+ mph.** Advanced 32-bit microprocessor-control constantly monitors the output for efficient, long-running performance. The high-output 540XL motor features a beefy, 5mm shaft, aluminum heat sink, and a powerful fan. Of course it's all fully protected with Traxxas' innovative waterproofing.


Maxx is engineered to withstand extreme punishment and intense driving action. Impact absorbing suspension arms soak up the hits with ease. The heavy-duty driveline components have been proven in vehicles larger and heavier than Maxx, so there is plenty of strength to spare. The Maxx chassis absorbs and dissipates impact energy across the entire structure. Huge threaded-aluminum GT-Maxx shocks with large diameter shafts manage suspension damping. Maxx invites you to explore new ways to drive hard and have fun!


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