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56041 RC US M1A2 Abrams - Full Option Kit

56041 RC US M1A2 Abrams - Full Option Kit

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Following the iconic flat and angular look of the US MBT, the tamiya scale model is no different. Painted with a precise desert camoflage and rubber padded tracks its sure to be at home what ever the environment.

This tank offers the driver full control with forward, backward, pivoting, turret rotation and gun elevation movement. To go with this gun recoil and sound, vehicle knock back and a flash all accompany the main weapon barrel upon firing.


  • Authentic gas turbine engine and firing sounds
  • gun barrel control system factors in vehicle movement to ensure main weapon is aimed in the correct direction
  • compatable with seperately sold 4-channel reciever
  • Main gun firing - the main gun produces a flash and sound upon firing
  • Barrel recoil - Main gun barrel recoils after being fired
  • Gun and turret rotation elevation
  • Working head and tail lights
  • Aluminium gun barrel

Does not include:

  • 4 - Channel radio system
  • Charger + Battery pack
  • Model paint
  • 8 X AA Batteries
  • Glue
  • Tools