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LEGO Architecture Trafalgar Square - 21045

LEGO Architecture Trafalgar Square - 21045

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Brand  LEGO Architecture

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Capture the essence of a historical London landmark with the LEGO® Architecture 21045 Trafalgar Square set. Named in honor of Lord Horatio Nelson following his 1805 naval victory over Napoleon, the square has since become a popular tourist attraction and preferred location for political and community gatherings. This detailed LEGO interpretation depicts the domed National Gallery complete with columned facade, Nelson's Column flanked by 4 lions, the square's famous fountains and 4 sculpture plinths. The sections at the rear of the National Gallery structure can be removed for access to a detailed interior with brick-built statue and paintings. Tree-lined borders, ornate lamp posts, 2 London buses, 2 black cabs and a tiled base plate depicting the square and surrounding roads complete the model. Finished with a decorative nameplate, this collectible building set delivers a highly satisfying building experience to all with an interest in architecture, travel, history and design, and makes a truly iconic centerpiece for the home or office.

Recreate a historical London landmark

Construct a LEGO® architectural set based on one of the world's most famous, public squared located in London, England.

A striking centerpiece ofr the home or office

Celebrate the world of architecture with this iconic London souvenir.
LEGO® Architecture Trafalgar Square

The National Gallery

Removable panels allow access to the detailed interior.

Celebrated fountains

Capture Trafalgar Square's famous fountains.

Iconic public transport

Roads feature London's famous double-deckers and black cabs.

Celebrate London's architecture

This displayable model delivers a rewarding building experience to all with an interest in architecture, travel, history and design.

LEGO® Architecture interpretation of the real-world London landmark, Trafalgar Square.


  • Includes the National Gallery, Nelson's Column flanked by 4 lions, 2 fountains, 4 sculpture plinths, 10 trees, 6 lampposts, and a tiled base plate depicting the square and road areas complete with 2 London buses and 2 black cabs.
  • The included booklet contains information about the architecture and history of each structure, as well as historical facts about Trafalgar Square and its architectural heritage. (English language only. Other languages available for download at
  • Includes a decorative Trafalgar Square nameplate.
  • LEGO® Architecture celebrates the world of architecture through the medium of the LEGO building brick and is developed for all with an interest in travel, architecture, history and design.
  • This set includes over 1,190 pieces.
  • Enjoy a pleasantly challenging and rewarding building experience with this LEGO® Architecture set.
  • Measures over 4” (12cm) high, 9” (24cm) wide and 7” (20cm) deep.