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Perkins 10M SOLARTEX CUB YELLOW 5523253


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Perkins 10M SOLARTEX CUB YELLOW 5523253

Stock code 5523253

Brand  Perkins

Out of Stock
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Iron-on self adhesive fabric.  Very strong and tough covering material, stronger than films but heavier.  SOLARTEX has the textured surface of a fabric. The fabric surface has been protected by a tough coat of two-pack resin to make it airtight and fuelproof. The back of the fabric is coated with a colourless heat-seal adhesive. On the model the Solartex is easily cleaned with soapy water when soiled.
Apply CLEARCOAT to convert to a glossy surface and protect against soiling.
Vintage colours are 'see-thro" like coloured silk. Dark Green is PC 10 as used on WWI aircraft. Antique is a 'see-thro' cream. Linen is an opaque cream. Silver is exactly like a silver doped fabric.

Weight  85 to 95 g.s.m.
Roll sizes   2m. & 10m. by 0.68m. wide.