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CASTLE Mamba XLX 34V ESC, 20Amp Peak Bec And 2028-800kV Motor

CASTLE Mamba XLX 34V ESC, 20Amp Peak Bec And 2028-800kV Motor

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1:5 Scale Power to the Extreme.

Mamba XL X is a new high-performance controller for 1:5th scale RC hobby vehicles weighing up to 30 lbs. Paired with the 2028-800kv Extreme motor, this duo becomes the perfect combination for large-scale, ultra-high-performance RC vehicles. Have you ever seen a 1:5th scale Baja doing 70 mph? If you&rsquo:ve got the traction, this Castle combination can get you there. The features of this recently revamped ESC will prove this supercharged combo will provide all of the brains and brawn needed to OVERPOWER 1:5th scale car and gas to electric conversions.

A robust, user adjustable, internal 20A peak BEC will provide plenty of juice for applications with powerful servos and electrical components that run off the ESC.

When the Castle Phoenix Edge line was introduced for heli and plane applications, we announced the addition of the user programmable auxiliary wire. Our surface enthusiasts will now have a taste of the simplicity and convenience of this feature with the Mamba X Series Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC). In short, the auxiliary wire is an extra wire that, when connected to an open channel on your radio, allows users to take advantage of on-the-fly adjustments (using your transmitter) that would otherwise be modified or set using the Castle Link Programming Suite. The feature is enabled through the Castle Link Programming system and one mode may be selected at a time. Several modes are available for on-the-fly programming:

Max Throttle Percentage AdjustmentPerfect for passing the controls to children, neighbors, or your boss. The ESC&rsquo:s maximum power is scaled from 10% to 100% depending on the signal received on the AUX wire.
Max Reverse Percentage AdjustmentThe ESC&rsquo:s maximum reverse power is scaled from 10% to 100% depending on the signal received on the AUX wire.
Max Brake Percentage AdjustmentThe ESC&rsquo:s maximum reverse power is scaled from 10% to 100% depending on the signal received on the AUX wire.
Drag Brake AdjustmentExperiment with different settings (0% to full brake) on different tracks to be able to tune to the conditions quickly wherever you race. For bashers - a very light amount of drag brake can make the car seem more under control and easier to drive. Because bashing is often on uneven and low-grip surfaces, use very low settings at first to avoid spinning out when it engages.
Reverse Enable/DisableDepending upon the signal received from the AUX wire, reverse capability is enabled and disabled (only works in modes with reverse).
Torque Control AdjustmentThe Torque Limit feature is essentially a more effective form of Punch Control, where by the ESC can detect how much load is being placed on the motor and reduce the power it receives - this is extremely useful and effective for reducing wheelies and back-flips from a standing-start, something you definitely do not want when you are racing. You can dial in from 0.1 to 5.0 with the AUX wire functionality.
Datalog EraseToggle the Auxiliary channel for a few seconds while in idle to erase the datalog. This can be added to any of the above modes.

Data Logging enhancements include doubling the logging capacity and adding the ability for users to erase the data log utilizing the auxiliary switch. Enabling the data logging feature will maximize performance and setup optimization. Who hasn&rsquo:t wondered if they&rsquo:re pulling more amps than their battery can put out or been baffled by battery usage? Data Logging will record important power system information during use, turn-by-turn. Once the data is uploaded to the Castle Link Graph Viewer, users can view and analyze parameters such as battery voltage, battery ripple voltage, amp draw, motor rpm, and controller temperature. Ensuring a setup is performing within its limits is imperative to a healthy power system. The new Castle Quick Connect Duo (sold separately) offers users access to both wires into the single Castle Link connection, without opening the receiver box! The Quick Connect Duo detects the presence of a Castle Link adapter on the free lead and will then will switch the controller's signal line from the receiver to the Castle Link.

Software Enhancements - Telemetry Ready (Futaba S.BUS? T4PX transmitter compatibility coming soon!!)

Additional software enhancements include the addition of Link LiveT to the Mamba XL X capabilities. This feature, when enabled, will allow users to experience real-time telemetry data such as battery voltage, battery current and ESC temperature. Compatibility with the Futaba S.BUS? T4PX transmitter is coming soon and this controller is READY!

Your Mamba XL X purchase includes a redeemable coupon for a free Castle Link USB device. This allows access to the full programming suite of adjustable settings that tune and tweak your vehicle to your preferences, resulting in an incredible RC driving experience. .

Additional Castle Link benefits include:

  • Access to all firmware updates, including added features sets released from Castle Engineering at no charge.
  • Intuitive Demo Mode
  • Ability to save basic to complex setup profiles for later use
  • The Castle Link adapter works on ALL of the Castle products that feature Castle Link programmability - no need to worry about compatibility or which version you have.

The ability to diagnose and resolve problems in the field are made easy as this ESC will communicate with audible tones when certain conditions are present. These alerts occur when your vehicle is stopped and the ESC is on neutral. They consist of a sequence of long and short beeps repeating every five seconds. To determine the cause of the alert you simply record for short beeps and ? for long beeps, then match the code you heard to the provided list. Users may disable, or silence these features using Castle Link. See &ldquo:Idle/Error Beeping&rdquo: on the &ldquo:Basic&rdquo: tab in the Castle Link.