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ESTES Taser - E2X Launch Set

ESTES Taser - E2X Launch Set

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The Taser is a stunning rocket that's capable of subduing any danger it meets! The Taser Launch Set from Estes is an exciting, radically designed high altitude rocket launch set from the E2X (Easy to Assemble) series. Featuring a brightly coloured one piece body tube, moulded plastic fin set and bullet shaped nose cone. Simply glue a few rocket pieces together, apply the colourful self-adhesive decals and in less than an hour you'll be ready for the launch pad! Unless otherwise specified, all models require assembly.

The Taser rocket is 419mm tall, features a custom three-fin design and climbs to an outta sight altitude of 1,000 feet on Estes standard rocket motors. Taser's included 30.5cm parachute returns it to earth after launch. You'll be ready in minutes for another extreme launch experience!

LAUNCH SYSTEM includes Astron II Launch Controller and Astron II Launch Pad.

Taser requires rocket motors, igniters and recovery wadding to operate.

In order to launch a launch system, model rocket engines, igniters and recovery wadding are required, together with 4 x AA batteries for the Launch Controller - sold separately - unless otherwise specified.


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