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ESTES Javelin - E2X Launch Set

ESTES Javelin - E2X Launch Set

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Brand  ESTES

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The Javelin is a quick-assembling E2X rocket that offers a great performance and has effective parachute recovery. The really cool part is the small foam glider that takes off from the rocket! With all pre-coloured rocket parts and easily applied self-adhesive decals, you're ready for lift-off in minutes. To assemble the rocket, nothing more than a little glue is required.

Using recommended Estes rocket motors, the Zombie soars to heights of 600 feet.

What's Included?

Javelin rocket
Launch System - containing Astron II Launch Controller and Astron II Launch Pad

What's Required?

Launch sets are supplied without motors, igniters and wadding. You'll need the following to launch your rocket:
  • A little glue for the rocket assembly
  • Recommended motor (see the Technical Data table)
  • Recovery Wadding (see D-ES2274)
  • 4 x AA batteries for the Launch Controller