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Aircraft Accessories


Repair or upgrade your model aircraft with supplies and accessories from our extensive range. Bumpy landings and rough flights will inevitably result in breakages that require repairs: but we’ve got everything you need, and you can stock up on spare parts so you can make quick fixes in the field.

We’ve got supplies for aeromodellers looking to upgrade or tweak their model aircraft. We stock accessories for you, no matter how your plane is powered. We offer rubber bands for free flyers, fuel tanks for petrol and glow-powered planes and spares for electric aircraft.

Whether it’s wheels you want, hatch magnets, a bag of balsa pieces or a pilot, we can help. And if you are wondering what you’ll need for your model plane build or repair, feel free to contact our experienced staff for a chat. We’ll help you to navigate the vast choice of different aeromodelling parts and supplies.

We stock many brands of model plane accessories, including Du-bro, Multiplex, Scalebitz and Guillow.