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Scalextric brings the thrill and excitement of motor racing to life in your living room!

What is Scalextric?

Scalextric is a renowned brand that has captivated car enthusiasts and hobbyists for decades. Developed in the 1950s, Scalextric quickly became a household name, revolutionizing the world of slot car racing. With its innovative track system and realistic miniature cars, Scalextric offers a thrilling and immersive racing experience.

At the heart of Scalextric is its track system. The tracks consist of grooves and slots that allow the miniature cars to stay securely in place while racing at high speeds. The tracks are easy to assemble and can be customized into various layouts, providing endless possibilities for exciting races. From simple ovals to intricate circuits with twists, turns, and loops, Scalextric allows enthusiasts to create their own thrilling tracks.

Scalextric cars are intricately detailed, scaled-down replicas of real-life racing vehicles. These cars come in a wide range of models, from classic sports cars, like the Aston Martin DB5  to modern supercars, such as a Lamborghini , ensuring there's something for every racing fan. Each car is equipped with a small motor and guide pin that fits into the slot on the track, allowing precise control and maneuverability.

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Scalextric 2023 Catalogue
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