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Many people expect a bit of a learning curve to flying a radio-controlled helicopter, but we’ve got forgiving heli models that will let you master the basics of the hobby.

The best way to learn the ropes is with a fixed pitch heli (FP) , which uses various technologies, ranging from a flybar to electronic systems to improve stability. Beginner helis also have features like panic buttons that bring the craft to a stable hover

Single rotor RC helicopters look more realistic, and they have better acrobatic capabilities. The learning curve is definitely steep: but flying a lively single rotor radio-controlled heli is incredibly rewarding for an experienced pilot.

Many helis come with spare parts included, and we sell a good range of heli spares and tools so you can make whatever repairs and adjustments you need. If you’re ready to go flybarless or want to upgrade your engine we’ve got various options.


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150 FX RTF
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300 V2 RTF Fixed Pitch Flybarless Helicopter Mode 2
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Blade 120 S2 RTF
RRP £199.99 £178.99Each

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