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Starting & Field Equip


To get your plane in the air you’ll need a good set of field equipment down on the ground. You’ll probably want a flight box. This is a case to hold all your tools. It is sometimes known as a field box or flight tote. Our range of tools is selected by experienced RC hobbyists, so you know that when you buy from us, you’re getting a good quality piece of equipment that has earned its place in your field kit. From pliers to wrenches to tachometers designed for model plane flying, we’ve got it all.

You’ll also find that an airplane stand or plane cradles that fit on to your flight box make your life easier, and we offer a good range of these.

If you’re flying an IC plane, we’ve got fuelling accessories and tubing. We can help with glow plugs, drivers and starters, and all the other tools you need to keep a glow-fuelled plane in the air.