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We stock a large range of Plastic Model Kits from Amusing Hobby, Aoshima, AIRFIX, AMT, BEL Kits, Tamiya, Italeri, Dragon, Gecko Models, Gallery Models, Fujimi, Trumpeter, Revell, Beemax, Eduard, MIG, Polar Lights, MPC, Atlantis Models, Zoukei-Mura, Zvezda, Hasegawa, Roden and Great Wall Hobby in a range of scales. If you can't find the model you are looking for, or it is out of stock please feel free to contact us .

Featured Model Kits

Airfix 124 Scale Plastic Kit Supermarine Spitfire MkIXc - A17001
RRP £94.99 £85.49Each

In stock

Delorean - Back To The Future Part II 124 Plastic Model Kit
RRP £34.99 £31.49Each

Out of stock

German Battleship Bismarck 1700 Plastic Model Kit
RRP £32.99 £29.69Each

In stock

Classic Mini Mayfaire 13i 25th Anniversary 124 Plastic Model Kit
RRP £34.99 £31.49Each

Out of stock

PzKpfwIV AusfH EarlyMid Version 135 Plastic Model Kit
RRP £62.99 £56.69Each

In stock

Routemaster London Bus 124 Plastic Model Kit
RRP £73.00 £65.70Each

Out of stock


The Captivating World of Plastic Scale Models

Plastic scale modeling, a popular hobby among enthusiasts of all ages, offers a plethora of benefits and rewards. Assembling miniature replicas of real-world objects or fictional creations provides not only a creative outlet but also an opportunity to enhance various skills. Among the leading manufacturers in the industry, companies like Aoshima, Airfix, MIG, Fujimi, and Revell have been instrumental in shaping this fascinating pastime.

Creativity and Imagination: Building scale models allows hobbyists to unleash their creativity and imagination. Whether recreating historical landmarks, military vehicles, aircraft, or fantastical sci-fi designs, the possibilities are endless. Assembling and painting the models provide an artistic outlet, enabling individuals to personalize their creations.

Fine Motor Skills: Precision is paramount in scale modeling, as even the smallest details can make a significant difference in the final result. This activity demands a steady hand, improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Patience and Focus: Scale modeling is a meticulous process that requires patience and attention to detail. Hobbyists learn to stay focused on intricate tasks for extended periods, cultivating a sense of discipline.

Historical and Technical Knowledge: Certain types of models, such as military vehicles or historic architecture, require research and knowledge about the subject. This hobby encourages individuals to delve into history and technical specifications, leading to a deeper appreciation of the past.

Problem-Solving Abilities: Building plastic scale models often involves overcoming challenges like fitting delicate parts, repairing minor mistakes, or improvising when encountering unexpected issues. This nurtures problem-solving skills and fosters adaptability.

Sense of Accomplishment: Completing a scale model is a gratifying experience. Witnessing the transformation of unassembled pieces into a finely detailed masterpiece instills a sense of accomplishment and boosts self-esteem.

Prominent Manufacturers:

Aoshima Aoshima Bunka Kyozai Co., Ltd., based in Japan, is renowned for its wide range of plastic model kits, including cars, motorcycles, ships, and sci-fi subjects. Aoshima's attention to detail and commitment to quality make them a preferred choice for hobbyists worldwide.

Airfix : As one of the oldest plastic scale model manufacturers, Airfix holds a special place in the hearts of seasoned modelers. This UK-based company is celebrated for its historical aircraft kits, tanks, and military vehicles.

MIG Productions : MIG , founded by renowned modeler Mig Jimenez, is prominent for its innovative weathering products and high-quality resin accessories. The company's products cater to those seeking to enhance the realism of their models.

Fujimi Fujimi Corporation, another prominent Japanese brand, is known for its wide range of vehicle model kits, including cars, motorcycles, and ships. Their models feature exceptional accuracy and attention to detail.

Revell : With a rich history spanning decades, Revell is an iconic name in the scale modeling community. Headquartered in Germany, the company offers an extensive selection of model kits, including aircraft, cars, and ships.

In conclusion, the world of plastic scale modeling encompasses a myriad of benefits and offers an escape into the realm of creativity, history, and technical craftsmanship. Leading manufacturers like Aoshima, Airfix, MIG, Fujimi, and Revell play a pivotal role in satisfying the ever-growing appetite of scale model enthusiasts. As the hobby continues to evolve, it remains a cherished pastime that unites people with diverse interests under one common passion.