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Corgi Huina Toyway Diecast Masters Poscher Scale Diecast Models

Diecast Mania & Corgi Craziness - So Many Diecast Models Available to Choose From

Did you know we sell diecast models of all shapes and scales? From Huina excavators to Corgi planes and minivans, we've got something for everyone at Elite Models Online.

Come and browse our store now - between Huina, Toyway, Diecast Masters, Corgi and Poscher, we've got a massive range of quality brands to choose from.

BrickMAYnia Cobi Lego Style Military Construction Toy Display Sets Available Now

Brick-MAY-nia! COBI Lego-style construction sets are here!

Brick-MAY-nia! COBI Lego-style construction sets are here!

Get ready for Brickmania this May 2023, as we've got a brand new range of constructible planes and tanks.

No glue required and fully compatible with Lego bricks, Cobi construction toys combine realism with play, specialising in contemporary and historical military scenes and vehicles.

Oracover Oralight Oratex Oratrim Covering Price Reductions

We've Got Your Flying Needs Oracovered - Price Reductions Across the Range!

Oracover, Oratex, Oratrim and Oralight - whatever your covering needs, we've got them oraCOVERED at Elite Models Online. With huge reductions this April across the range, now's the time to get COVERING!

Airfix and quickbuild Planes boats and automobiles as far as the eye can sea new plastic kits available now

Airfix Planes, Boats & Automobiles As Far As The Eye Can Sea!

We've just had a large delivery of Airfix and Quick Build plastic kits in various scales available for varying budgets and difficulty levels.

You'd be hard pushed not to find something for everyone in our massive range of gift sets , starter sets and kits to suit the young beginner, enthusiastic hobbyist or even the most advanced modeller.

So come and grab yourself some boats , planes automobiles and military vehicles now, while stocks last.

Bloodhound rocket cars educational STEM classroom resource activity packs

Launch Your Kids' Future Now with Bloodhound Rocket Cars - The Perfect S.T.E.M. Classroom Activity

Looking to promote S.T.E.M. subjects in the classroom? Bloodhound foam rocket cars are a great (and fun) way to introduce kids to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, giving them the opportunity to learn the basics of aero-dynamics through creative means. 

Perfect for schools, clubs or individual use, bloodhound rocket cars are available here now in packs of 1, 10 or 30 cars (D-ES-BLOOD1 , D-ES-BLOOD10 , D-ES-BLOOD30 ).

The rocket car kits come with everything you need to assemble them - rocket motors sold separately here.

Read on for more details about these amazing educational tools, and the original car that inspired them.