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Propellers and Spinners


When the time comes to improve your model aircraft’s performance, one of the best things you can do is to upgrade the propeller. Every flyer has an opinion on the best type of prop, and we can offer a range that suits every budget and every type of RC plane. We sell propellers for glow- and petrol-powered aircraft as well as those suitable for electric models. We also stock spinners and adaptors, as well as the propellers by themselves.

Some of the manufacturers we have in stock are APC, Graupner, GWS, Master Airscrew, Topflite and Zinger. Our range includes model aircraft props made from wood, carbon fibre, fibreglass and nylon. We have a wide choice of two-blade propellers, but also some three-blade props and four-blade propellers.

Warning: Your new prop may have sharp edges and can give you a nasty cut if you flip by hand. Check your propeller over before you use it and sand off any sharp edges.