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Fighter airplane Mustang, Mighty Mini Series by Flite Test Flite Test FT4110

Fighter airplane Mustang, Mighty Mini Series by Flite Test Flite Test FT4110

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The charismatic fighter

The Flite Test Mighty Mini Mustang opens new worlds with its ability to fly in smaller areas. You will have the fun and the fascination of a growth Mustang and the flight comfort of a small park flyer.

The Mustang P-51 is surely one of the most charismatic airplanes which have never been built. And now you have the opportunity to reproduce this classical with the proven FT Foam Board. The Mustang is available as 4 channel airplane model. Equipped with a Racecopter brushless motor, e.g. a 2204 Copter motor, the Mustang has enough power for never ending perpendicular climbs and aerobatic maneuvers like knife edge.

The kit

The FT Mighty Mini Mustang is made of the special water-resistant FT Foam Board. Let your fantasy run free in the assembly of your Mustang. Once assembled, the kit of the Mustang has a weight of 156 grams and a wingspan of 622 mm.

Product characteristics

  • Frame made of strong FT WR Foam Board
  • Waterproof
  • Easy assembly
  • Exciting flight characteristics

Included in the package

  • Frame made of laser-cut FT Foam Board
  • RC mount (mini)
  • Motor firewall (mini)
  • Small parts

CENTER OF GRAVITY: 1 inch (25 mm) from leading edge of wing
CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 12 ˚ deflection (elevator/aileron/rudder) Expo 30%
WINGSPAN: 24.5 inches (622 mm)
RECOMMENDED MOTOR: 2200 kv 2204 size motor
RECOMMENDED PROP: 6 x 4.5 prop
RECOMMENDED ESC: 12 amp minimum
RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (4) 5 gram servos