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TOPFLITE Nobler Control Line .35-.46 ARF

TOPFLITE Nobler Control Line .35-.46 ARF

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Top Flite brings back the fun of control line flying with the ease of modern, high quality ARF construction!

The Nobler. It took your breath away with its agility. It won countless stunt titles with its performance. And now, over a half-century after its introduction, it's back to resume its reign as the pole-setter for control line performance and to raise the bar on construction ease.
  • Arrives 90% prebuilt, with lead-outs and bellcrank already in place!
  • Constructed from light, interlocking balsa and ply parts for easy alignment, straight structures and stress-resistant strength.
  • Features the trim scheme from the original box done in glowing MonoKote film.
  • Competition capable as is. Reproduces the instantaneous response and superb stunt agility of the title-taking original with the same simple elevator-flap linkage.


  • Wingspan: 50.5 in (1285 mm)
  • Wing Area: 500 in? (32 dm?)
  • Weight: 42-50 oz (1.19-1.42 kg)
  • Wing Loading: 12-14 oz/ft? (37-43 g/dm?)
  • Length: 38.5 in (1000 mm)
  • Requires:
    • 2-stroke .35-.46 cu in engine
    • control handle, connectors and lines*
    • prop, spinner
    • fuel and support equipment
* SULP2635, SULP2866 and SULP2948 (or SULP2949) recommended.