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Multiplex Kit FunJet ULTRA 2

Kit FunJet ULTRA 2

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Multiplex Kit FunJet ULTRA 2

Stock code MPX1-00981

Brand  Multiplex

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The FunJet ULTRA was the fastest ELAPOR model on the market in its day.  The speed of the new FUNJET ULTRA 2 with the components recommended by us (ROXXY 4S drive) is approx. 220 km / h.

The "ULTRA variant" is designed for extreme speed.  It is foamed stronger than the "normal version", which leads to even more stability of the entire model, with a little increased weight.  At speeds beyond the 200 km / h mark, the demands on pilot and material are enormous.  The "ULTRA" is therefore the right choice for "speed fans" - the ultimate speed kick is guaranteed.

Despite being designed for maximum speed, the FunJET ULTRA2 has excellent slow-speed and landing characteristics, as it can always be
controlled uncritically and precisely.